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Journalist, specializing in business and economics. Born in 1954 in Tokyo.
He developed an interest in economics and social issues as a student at Tokyo’s Waseda University. While pursuing studies there, he also established a successful tutoring firm that operated a school helping students studying for university entrance exams.
He later decided to take a break from his studies to travel around the world. Upon returning to Japan, he dropped out of school to become a journalist and photographer for Mainichi Shimbun, a Tokyo-based daily.While working and traveling around the world, he studied economy and did his own interview and research.
He wrote numerous widely-read articles and exposes about the issues confronting Japan’s economy and society.His work analysing the bursting of Japan’s bubble economy in 1990, as well as his predictions concerning the appreciation of the yen and Japan’s prolonged recession during the 1990s, wonhim considerable acclaim.
In 1996, he established his own consulting and research firm, Daini-Kaientai. Since then, he has published over two hundred books about Japan’s current economic crisis, and is an active speaker on the lecture circuit.
In July 2005, he launched a company "Saisei Nihon 21 Co. Ltd." to reform and revitalize Japan.


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